Bill Clinton Portrays Himself as the Victim When Asked About Monica Lewinsky Scandal

Twenty years after his impeachment trial, Bill Clinton still doesn’t get it.

The man who did more to disgrace the Oval Office than anyone who has ever held the presidency still thinks he’s getting a bum rap from the American media.

And a guy who’s made a fortune that’s counted in the hundreds of millions sounds like he all he really wants is sympathy.

In an interview that aired Monday on NBC’s “Today” show, Clinton defended his conduct following the exposure of his White House dalliance with intern Monica Lewinsky in the 1990s.

He not only told interviewer Craig Melvin that he doesn’t owe Lewinsky a personal apology, he appeared to say that as far as he’s concerned, he’s paid more for his misbehavior than it was worth.

“I felt terrible then, and I came to grips with it,” Clinton told Melvin, making the constitutional crisis he imposed on the country sound like it was all part of some journey of self-actualization.

That was bad enough, but when Melvin asked the former president if he’d apologized to Lewinsky, Clinton eventually responded that he’d “apologized to the everyone in the world.”

But before he got that out, his self-pitying self-justifications hit a new low. (You can see where his wife gets it from.)

Check out part of the interview here:

“Nobody believes I got out of that for free,” Clinton told Melvin.

“I left the White House $16 million in debt, but you typically have ignored gaping facts in describing this, and I bet you don’t even know them. This was litigated 20 years ago. Two-thirds of the American people sided with me.”

For Bill Clinton to claim persecution by the media borders on the insane. And since most Americans have their wits about them, social media users weren’t exactly bowled over by Clinton’s anger – or his apparent appeal for sympathy. Here’s a sampling …

It’s been clear since the 2016 election that Hillary Clinton is incapable of blaming herself for losing an election virtually everyone – left and right – thought was hers for the winning.

That’s unfortunate, but at least somewhat understandable, the 2016 campaign involved factors outside Hillary’s control — and a wild card named Donald J. Trump.

But for Bill Clinton to be unable to blame himself for the disaster he wreaked on his presidency – and on the country – through his prurient pursuit of sex in a work space that was paid for by ha-working Americans is simply pathological.

And when a man’s that sick, it’s no wonder he doesn’t get it – even after 20 years.

Correction: This post originally contained an incorrect day for when the Clinton interview aired.

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