Congress Calls For Immediate Impeachment, But Not For President Trump

When Donald Trump ran for President in 2016, he promised to drain the D.C. swamp. That included the many government officials who abuse their power for their own ends.

We knew the swamp wouldn’t go without a fight. Across the political spectrum, swamp dwellers have tried to take Trump down. The biggest effort has been the bogus Russian investigation. After a year of inquiry, this “special consul” has yet to provide proof Trump worked with Russia.

But this all started after agents in the FBI and DOJ manipulated the law to acquire surveillance. Citing the debunked “dossier” these agents used their power to spy on the Trump campaign. Their hopes, to find real dirt to destroy his chances at winning.

After all this time, few of those swamp dwellers got the punishment they deserved. But it looks like that’s about to change.

From The Hill:

A group of conservative House lawmakers have begun drafting a resolution that calls for the impeachment of Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, the top Department of Justice (DOJ) official overseeing special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation…

The articles include allegations that Rosenstein violated federal law by refusing to comply with a congressional subpoena over Congress’s efforts to obtain documents about FBI surveillance during the election, intentionally stalling document production for congressional investigations into possible government misconduct and failing to enforce key laws and protocols…

Count five charges Rosenstein of “knowingly provided misleading statements related to his supervision of the initial Department of Justice investigation into the Trump campaign’s alleged contacts with Russia when he testified under oath before Congress on December 13, 2017 that any involvement FBI attorney Bruce Ohr had in the Russian investigation was without his knowledge.”

It sounds like Rosenstein is one of the many Obama-era agents who worked to undermine the election. They used false documents to acquire warrants to monitor the Trump campaign. It was an elaborate attempt at slandering Trump and preventing him from winning.

When Congress tried to get to the bottom of this dubious surveillance, it seems like Rosenstein got in the way. He stalled, hoping the Congress would not get their requested documents. The charges claim he also mislead Congress while they were investigating. No doubt he hoped to protect agents that were up to no good.

This is pretty common in government. The swamp is deep. Those in it fight to protect themselves and each other. Because, if one of them is exposed, they might take everyone else with them!

It’s pretty suspicious of Rosenstein to delay Congress. But that’s all too common among the DOJ, FBI, and intelligence community. They don’t like to answer to Congress for the many things they do. When probed and prodded, they go out of their way to delay. All to keep the truth from getting out.

Will this effort to impeach Rosenstein work? Only if it gets support from more Congress members. If enough lawmakers push for it, Rosenstein might be out of a job pretty soon.

Source: The Hill