Investigation Against Trump Backfires—Top 2 FBI To Face Criminal Charges

Since day one of Trump’s presidency, the Washington Swamp has been trying to fight back.

The corrupt insiders in Washington are trying to do everything in their power to undermine Trump. They don’t want America great. They want us weak, poor, and dependent on government.

Meanwhile, these scumbags and their globalist buddies get rich and fat.

This is why we’ve had to put up with the disgrace that is the FBI’s “Russian probe.” Honest people know Trump did not work with Russia. Honestly, I’m getting tired of writing that. Yet swamp dwellers within the FBI—before and after the election—abused their power to make it look that way.

Things are starting to finally break. The people we’ve known for months were corrupt might finally face the music. Two top FBI figures—ones with clear anti-Trump bias—might face serious charges.

From The Right Scoop:

Justice Department Inspector General Michael E. Horowitz has accused [Andrew] McCabe of misleading investigators.

And as many suspected, the snare might have caught Comey in some lies too:

He has also accused Comey of lying four times — three of them under oath.

Lying to investigators carries a five year prison sentence, but McCabe has denied any wrongdoing.

McCabe allowed his liberal bias to jeopardize an American election. He used the phony dossier to acquire a FISA warrant to spy on Trump’s campaign. It was clearly a politically motivated move, one aimed at derailing his chances.

Comey is all kinds of corrupt. Even before Trump became president, he was abusing his power to undermine our justice system. We all remember when he announced Hillary Clinton broke the law, but would not be pressing charges. It’s obvious this man is dishonest, corrupt, and self-involved.

But both of them were to agents in our nation’s highest law enforcement agency. Think on that. How many times did they bend the law—in order to help their buddies or protect democrats? We might never know.

The good news is their wrongdoings are finally catching up with them. As more news breaks at how the last administration broke the law, it’s going to becoming increasingly hard for these swamp dwellers to walk free. The government, under our POTUS, will have no choice but to throw the book at them.

Comey and McCabe—at the very least—will have to pay for how they lied to investigators to cover their tracks. They might not get punished for everything they’ve done, but they won’t get away scot-free.

All we can say is, it’s about time.

Source: The Right Scoop