Report: Liberal “Holy Grail” Exposed For Crimes Against Underage Girls

Are you really surprised to learn that a major liberal organization is embroiled in scandal? At this point, is there anything left not totally corrupt by Democrats? Doesn’t look like it.

A once decent party (long, long ago), is now a den of thieves, liars, and—in this case—murderers. Democrats have exploited important issues to bamboozle voters into electing them. Once in power, they rarely do anything to help our country. They only tax us into oblivion, getting rich and powerful in the process.

But they do make progress: in persecuting minority groups. Now we are learning a huge Democrat group has been taking advantage of underage girls. In fact, they are not only aiding abuse but refusing to report it to the police.

From The Right Scoop:

According to a new report, Planned Parenthood has a pattern of aiding abuse by performing abortions on women as young as 12 years old and covering up the abuse that led to their pregnancies…

The Planned Parenthood abortion chain has been caught repeatedly performing abortions on abuse victims as young as 12 and 13 years old, failing to report suspected sexual abuse to authorities, and sending victims back to their abusers…

As LifeNews has documented multiple times, Planned Parenthood has a history of not reporting statutory rape or sexual abuse to authorities. The abortion corporation frequently covers up cases of rape with abortion and refuses to report rape cases to law enforcement.

Planned Parenthood is required by federal law to report suspected cases of sexual assault and abuse to law enforcement. But it has a long history of ignoring it.

It’s a sad reality that young women are raped by older men—sometimes in their own family. If one of those young women go to Planned Parenthood, admitting they were abused, it’s the responsibility for them to report it.

But they didn’t, because they wanted repeat customers. If they report abuse, the abuser would be arrested and sent to jail. If they don’t… maybe the girl will come back and need another abortion.

It’s sick and evil, but what other reason would they have to not report rape? If Planned Parenthood really cared about the welfare of American women, then they’d report these men immediately.

Planned Parenthood doesn’t care about women. They certainly don’t care about minorities. Instead, they simply suck up billions of dollars in government grants to kill unborn children. But in order to keep getting that money, they have to perform more and more “procedures.” If the rate of abortions drops, they might not get as much money next year.

We can’t have that! So they encourage young women to have premarital sex and refuse to stop the cycle of abuse in many families. That’s a crime too great for words.

The only question is: will Planned Parenthood finally be prosecuted for it’s many, many crimes? Or will young Americans continue to suffer?

Source: The Right Scoop