Robert Mueller’s Israel problem

As the Mueller probe drags along into year two of its supposed investigation into Russian meddling in the 2016 election, a disturbing pattern has emerged. The special counsel has become obsessed with the state of Israel. The former FBI director is deeply suspicious, to the point of total paranoia, that there is a grand conspiracy involving the Trump campaign and transition officials as potential agents for the Israelis.

George Papadopoulos, the Israeli spy?

On Monday, the Daily Caller reported that Mueller had allegedly coerced Trump campaign adviser George Papadopoulos to plead guilty to lesser charges, after threatening that he would be prosecuted as an Israeli spy.

There isn’t much public evidence to suggest that Papadopoulos has substantial ties to Israel. Born to Greek immigrants, he has made a career of working on eastern Mediterranean energy issues. He has advocated for the very uncontroversial position that there should be a closer diplomatic and economic bond between Israel, Cyprus, Greece, and the United States. Nonetheless, the prospect of being prosecuted under the Espionage Act is terrifying, as a conviction carries a lengthy prison sentence.

While it is supposedly investigating Russia’s activities in 2016, the Mueller probe’s alleged Papadopoulos threat is just one of many instances in which the special counsel has instead exhibited a hyper focus on Israel-related activities.

Gen. Michael Flynn and Israel

In December, Gen. Michael Flynn pled guilty to making false statements to the FBI. Notably, one of the chargeslevelled at the decorated general was that during the transition period, he communicated with the Russian ambassador to the U.S. about a coming vote concerning an anti-Israel resolution at the United Nations. Although the mainstream media and the Left accused him of breaching protocol, a transition team reaching out to world powers prior to entering office is not illegal or unusual. In fact, it’s a standard, smart practice.

President Obama was notoriously hostile to Israel, so much so that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu reportedly called the incoming Trump administration and asked if they could rally for the defeat of the vicious U.N. resolution. The resolution passed anyway, thanks to U.N. Ambassador Samantha Power’s abstention.

Nonetheless, Mueller found it necessary to charge Flynn for misleading the FBI about his conversations with the Russian ambassador about the resolution. Additionally, as the special counsel probe drags on, evidence has emerged that Flynn did not in fact mislead the FBI about his conversations.

Jared Kushner and Israel 

In November, reports emerged that Mueller was scrutinizing efforts made by Jared Kushner, a senior aide to the president, and his efforts to combat the anti-Israel U.N. resolution during the presidential transition period.

Just as Gen. Flynn had every right to defend Israel, so did Kushner. Yet Mueller’s team seemingly carried on for months with a dedicated effort to examining Kushner’s Israeli ties. As Mueller was digging into Kushner, targeted hit pieces reporting exclusive information from the Mueller probe landed in leftist outlets such as the Washington Post, NBC News, and the New York Times.