Washington Swamp On Alert As 2 Supreme Court Justices Prepare To Retire

Do you hear that? It’s the sound of countless liberals shrieking in fear. Sounds pretty good to me!

Despite their best efforts, the left has not been able to topple Trump. Time and again they’ve made huge boasts. He couldn’t win the election. We’re going to stop the Inauguration. He’s getting impeached. They’ll never pass the tax bill. Yet time and again the democrats prove they are all talk, no punch.

Now things are about to get much worse for the party of Stalin. Democrats have clung on to a wee bit of power, thanks to the balance of Justices on the Supreme Court. Their time is rapidly running out. Some of the biggest leftists on the Court are well past their prime. And people know they are about to hang up the gavel.

Two of the most prominent Justices are about to help Trump score historic wins.

From The Guardian:

With speculation mounting over the possible retirement of supreme court justice Anthony Kennedy, Trump could have a lasting impact on reshaping America’s most important court.

“It will create the most conservative court since the mid-1930s,” he added.

While the likelihood of a pending vacancy is far from confirmed, judicial watchers have set their sights on Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, a progressive icon who turned 85 this year, and Kennedy, a critical swing vote who has been the subject of retirement rumors for the second straight year.

Any vacancy prior to 2020 would almost certainly be filled by Trump, and a rules change adopted by Republicans during the Gorsuch nomination fight enabled the Senate to confirm supreme court justices with a simple majority vote.

Kennedy was a Ronald Reagan appointee. While he is often viewed as conservative, he has historically voted in favor of liberal issues as well. Giving rise to his role as a “swing” vote. But he and Ginsburg are reaching an age where they can’t stay on for long.

Both are in their mid-80’s, an old age for any job. Despite not being physically fit for the office, you might wonder about their mental state. With each passing year, staying on the Supreme Court will become a bigger challenge. Expect them to retire sooner, rather than later.

Which is a big win for President Trump. The Supreme Court was a major issue for many voters. Had Crooked Hillary won, she would have polluted the highest court in the land with radical, Socialist justices. They would have torn our Constitution to shreds. Who knows what kind of horrible damage would have been done?

Thank God Trump is in the White House. He has promised to appoint conservative, Constitutionalists to the Supreme Court. As such, they will have a tremendous impact on our country. You better believe issues like abortion will be overturned immediately.

And that’s just for starters. A dynamic change will take place in our country. Liberals will lose plenty of sleep, as they watch their toxic policies get demolished. I, for one, couldn’t be happier.

Source: The Guardian